Save Hindon River

Hindon River Protection Program  


Since last ten years, Environment and Social Development Association (ESDA) is working hard to save the Hindon River with clean & continues ecological flow. It’s a main part of ESDA running movement of ‘River Conservation Program’. Basically Hindon is a tributary of River Yamuna that also main tributary of River Ganga. Ghaziabad city sewage and effluents of more than 300 industries are directly falling in River Hindon by many drains. Now Hindon river is just like a drain without its natural biodiversity and ecosystem.

Therefore, ESDA have organized many meetings, seminars, workshops, Nukkar-Natak, March-pass and campaign to protect the River Hindon. In 5 June 2011, on the occasion of World Environment Day, ESDA team with association of main political leaders of different political parties of Ghaziabad were organized one day hunger strike in favor of River Hindon protection. ESDA have been complained many times to Minister & Secretary of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Ministry of Water Resources and River Conservation and others relevant departments regarding pollution of River Hindon.  

Presently ESDA is engage in plantation to bank of River Hindon by call of Meerut Commissioner Dr. Prabhat Kumar and Officers of Administration & Development Authority of Ghaziabad.